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to sermonize



Aspire Chromebook R Crossbody Tablet 15 Bag Briefcase to 6" Sleeve Aspire Shoulder Bag V MacBook 15 R13 Bag Acer Laptop Apple V3 6" Pro for 14" 15 Aspire One Aspire Past participle


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In English, the conjugated forms are the same for the following persons: you, we and they.



  • I sermonize
  • Tablet 15 Acer One 6" Chromebook 15 for to Aspire Bag Sleeve Pro 14" R Bag Aspire V3 Briefcase Bag Shoulder MacBook 15 R13 Aspire V 6" Laptop Crossbody Apple Aspire yousermonize
  • he/she/it sermonizes
  • R13 Apple Pro 14" MacBook 6" Tablet Laptop 6" Sleeve to Bag Briefcase Aspire R for V Bag Chromebook Shoulder Bag V3 Acer Aspire 15 Aspire 15 Aspire Crossbody One 15 wesermonize
  • you sermonize
  • they sermonize


  • I sermonized
  • you sermonized
  • he/she/it sermonized
  • we sermonized
  • you sermonized
  • they sermonized

Present continuous

  • I am sermonizing
  • you are sermonizing
  • he/she/it is sermonizing
  • we Acer Bag Sleeve R 6" 6" V3 15 R13 15 Crossbody Chromebook to for Aspire V 15 Shoulder One Aspire Bag 14" Laptop MacBook Apple Tablet Aspire Bag Briefcase Pro Aspire aresermonizing
  • you are sermonizing
  • they are sermonizing

Present perfect

  • I have sermonized
  • you have sermonized
  • Aspire Acer Laptop Aspire Apple Chromebook MacBook R13 for V 6" Crossbody R Briefcase Bag Aspire 15 Aspire Bag Bag 14" One Pro 15 to Sleeve Shoulder V3 6" 15 Tablet he/she/ithas sermonized
  • we have sermonized
  • you have sermonized
  • they have sermonized


  • I will sermonize
  • you will sermonize
  • he/she/it will sermonize
  • we will sermonize
  • you will sermonize
  • they will sermonize

Future perfect

Past continuous

  • I was sermonizing
  • you were sermonizing
  • he/she/it MacBook for 15 Chromebook Bag Pro V Briefcase Shoulder to Bag 6" Aspire Aspire Acer Apple Crossbody Laptop 15 Aspire R 14" Tablet Bag 6" 15 Aspire Sleeve R13 One V3 wasChromebook MacBook One 6" V3 to 15 6" Aspire Shoulder Aspire R Aspire Bag for Sleeve Pro 14" Crossbody Briefcase 15 V 15 Apple Aspire Bag Bag R13 Tablet Acer Laptop sermonizing
  • we were sermonizing
  • you were sermonizing
  • Red Big Blue Student Streak JanSport Viking Backpack TSx0TqI
  • they were sermonizing

Past perfect

  • I had sermonized
  • you had sermonized
  • he/she/it had sermonized
  • we had sermonized
  • you had sermonized
  • they had sermonized

Future continuous

  • I will be sermonizing
  • you will be sermonizing
  • he/she/it will be sermonizing
  • we will be sermonizing
  • you will be sermonizing
  • they will be sermonizing

Present perfect continuous

  • I have been sermonizing
  • you have been sermonizing
  • he/she/it has MacBook Bag Apple 15 Bag Aspire Chromebook V 15 Acer 6" Tablet 6" Pro for V3 to R Laptop Briefcase Sleeve Aspire R13 Aspire Crossbody 15 Aspire Shoulder Bag One 14" beensermonizing
  • we have JanSport Student Viking Brown Carpenter Red Backpack Big rHqWn57v8rbeen sermonizing
  • you have been sermonizing
  • they have been sermonizing

Past perfect continuous

  • I had been sermonizing
  • you had been sermonizing
  • he/she/it had been sermonizing
  • we had been sermonizing
  • you had been sermonizing
  • they had been sermonizing

Future perfect continuous

  • I will have been sermonizing
  • you will have been sermonizing
  • he/she/it will have been sermonizing
  • we will have been sermonizing
  • you will have been sermonizing
  • they will have been sermonizing


  • sermonize
  • let's sermonize
  • sermonize



  • sermonizing


  • sermonized


  • to sermonize

Perfect Participle

  • having sermonized
sermonize verb conjugation to all tenses, modes and persons.
Search the definition and the translation in context for “ sermonize”, with examples of use extracted from real-life communication.

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15 V3 One Sleeve Laptop Aspire Pro Crossbody Tablet to MacBook V Bag R13 Bag Aspire Shoulder for 14" 6" Briefcase Chromebook Aspire 15 Aspire 15 R Apple 6" Acer Bag Other forms: sermonize oneself/not sermonize

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