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Detailed Translations for sermonize from English to Dutch

Spelling Suggestions for: sermonize


Translation Matrix for sermonize:

Verb Related Translations Other Translations
- Women Totes Soft Retro Handbags Shopping Black Shoulder Red Leather Crossbody Powlance C4OgwTqg; Bag Fitness Blue Sorport Sorport big Fitness ntqxwEwB8T; Color Eider Sleeping Outdoors Blue Keep Type Black Takayama Light Winter Bag COCO Warm Snow Envelope Camping ggqF15Oz; sermonise

Synonyms for "sermonize":

Related Definitions for "sermonize":

  1. speak as if delivering a sermon; express moral judgements1
    • This man always sermonizes1

External Machine Translations:
  • sermonize
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Suggestions for sermonize in Dutch

Spelling Suggestions for: sermonize